DIY Vest


DIY Vest is a feature unique to the Vested Invest application, whereby users can create, invest, and rebalance their own custom portfolios. The feature enables users to invest in various strategies of their choosing easily.

To date, there have been tens of thousands of DIY Vests created by our users – the performance of those user-created portfolios are summarized below. To learn more about Vests created by Vested, visit this page.

The leaderboard ranks DIY Vests based on “Return since inception” by default, calculated by the percentage gain of a hypothetical $1,000 investment between the the value at closing of the last trading day and the day the portfolio was created. These DIY Vests may or may not have been invested in by their creators. To view details of a DIY Vest, click on the respective link.



If you need help creating your own DIY Vest, check out AlphaScreener, a powerful US stocks screener and backtesting tool that can help you create your own model portfolio

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Please note that this page is for informational purposes. Any model portfolios (DIY Vests) listed here is not created nor affiliated with Vested Finance Inc. or its affiliate. DIY Vests listing should not be constituted an endorsement by Vested. Click here if you wish to opt out of the DIY Vest Leaderboard.

The performance values represent hypothetical results that are based on information over a defined period of time. The are calculated using a standardized and consistent methodology for performance reporting, which is described in the following paragraph. While we believe the performance data is gathered from reliable sources, the information that generates performance results, uses historical data that has not been audited and validated, and may contain errors in pricing or other conditions. Further, Vested Finance relies on third-party content providers for market data and information as the basis for the calculations it generates. However, Vested Finance cannot be held responsible for the accuracy and timeliness of the content provided. You are responsible to validate the information used to aid you in your research of investments and the decisions you make.

When a DIY Vest is created, a beginning value is calculated based on the share price and allocation of the initial portfolio. The initial value is then normalized to an index value of 1000. This value fluctuates over time, as a function of share price change or allocation changes. At any given day, the ending value is the latest calculated index value. These two values allow for the calculation of “Return since inception”, which is determined by substracting ending index value by beginning index value, dividing over the beginning index value. Return since inception” is calculated once a trading day, after market close.



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