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Build a multi-asset portfolio2 beyond
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Easily invest in 5,000+ US stocks and ETFs


Invest in $$ and take your portfolio global


Invest in curated and theme-based portfolios with Vests


Disclosure: Companies shown are meant to a representative sample of stocks available and not a recommendation to purchase.

Invest in P2P Lending - The Right Way


Lend to verified borrowers and earn up to 11.5% returns annually


Your investment is diversified across multiple RBI-registered partners


Start with just ₹20,000

Unlock up to 12% Returns
with INR Bonds


Invest in corporate bonds rated A & above and in low-risk government bonds


Earn fixed returns that beat inflation


Start with just ₹1,000


Earn income while helping India move to clean energy


Buy solar panels in rooftop projects


Earn 10-13% returns from electricity your panels generate


Vested takes care of installation and maintenance of your panels


Evolve your portfolio in 3 simple steps


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Sign up and find your perfect investment from 5,000+ US stocks and ETFs or from fixed income options like Vested Edge


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What investors say about Vested

Read about experiences of those who have taken their portfolio global with Vested

Abaneeta Chakraborty

Abaneeta Chakraborty

Founder and Managing Partner, Abanwill Consultants LLP

Before Vested, investing internationally was quite a hassle. Their interface is very user-friendly and transfer of funds from India has been made easy. Most importantly, reports to file income taxes are also available at a click. The Management team is open to feedback and works on improving the platform continuously. I would recommend them to everyone who wants to make an international portfolio

Rakesh Rathod

Rakesh Rathod

Growth at Smallcase

I am thrilled to share my experience with Vested, the US investing platform. Since I started using Vested, my investment journey has been nothing short of exceptional. The platform’s user-friendly interface and powerful features have made investing in US markets accessible and efficient. Thanks to Vested, I have been able to seize opportunities and witness my investments grow.

Sanket Shanishchara

Sanket Shanishchara

Head of M&A and Strategic Advisory

Simple stuff – easy to explore – not much complications – never faced any glitch – easy to track the portfolio – REALLY USEFUL FILTERS in Watchlist and Portfolio – easy transfer of USD – great content from time time. Perfect.

Hardik Dedhia

Hardik Dedhia

Co-founder at Ascent Health

Vested has been one the earliest and definitely one of the most user-friendly service helping investors like me to diversify their portfolio. I have never faced a single issue with either fund transfer, buying or selling stocks or even withdrawals back to my Indian account. I am a big fan of vested direct and also their tax harvesting feature which they introduced recently. ?Kudos to the team! Keep it up!!

Jothikumar Jayaraman

Jothikumar Jayaraman

Delivery manager

I am delighted with Vested Finance’s exceptional services. Their user-friendly platform offers advanced tools and analytics, empowering informed investment choices. The team’s transparency, expert guidance, and educational resources are commendable. Their outstanding customer service makes them a true industry leader. Thank you for helping me achieve my financial goals!

Gaurav Porwal

Gaurav Porwal

SVP - Tata Digital

My journey with Vested started in 2020 while I was looking for a platform for seamless investing in US markets. In the universe of options, Vested stood out now and still stands out today. It has made the all the key processes like fund transfer, asset assortment/selection, portfolio allocation, etc. as seamless as possible and continues to evolve with great customer centricity. My best wishes to the team to keep out-innovating the competition and to build one of the finest investment platforms out of India for the world!

Dinesh Kumar

Dinesh Kumar

Founder-Director at Happy Software International

Great app to invest Globally. I like to invest in U.S.A stocks with both. Vested website and App. When I am in a hurry to check purchased stocks or have to invest quickly then i always use vested app. Vested team is also very much communicative. Thanks Dinesh Kumar Founder: Happy Software International

Indrapal Singh Randhawa

Indrapal Singh Randhawa

Software Consultant

I’ve been with Vested since 2019, one of the early ones. I was so grateful to have a commission free broker who enabled me to buy and sell US stocks while residing in India. I continue to enjoy the ease with which I can conduct serious business from my cellphone. Since I have a long term commitment to stay invested in my stocks, I am depending on Vested being my facilitator for the long term as well.

Disclosure: These customers were not paid for their testimonials and may not be representative of the experience of other customers. These testimonials are no guarantee of future performance or success.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are Alternative Investments?

Alternative investments are non-traditional financial assets that exist outside of conventional options, such as Indian stocks, fixed deposits, physical gold, and cash. They offer diversification opportunities into new-age asset classes and help investors build a more balanced portfolio.

What are the different types of Alternative Investments that Vested offers?

Vested is a comprehensive platform for investing in alternative assets, facilitating diverse and global investment opportunities.

At Vested, the alternative investment options include:

  • US stocks: Offering Indian and NRI investors the opportunity to diversify into 5,000+ US stocks and ETFs.
  • Vested Edge: A platform to invest in Peer-to-Peer lending. With Edge, you can automatically diversify your investments across multiple RBI-regulated P2P platforms like Faircent and Lendbox.
  • INR Bonds: Gives you access to a curated list of corporate and government bonds in India, previously more accessible to institutional investors. This includes corporate bonds rated A and above and government bonds, offering potential fixed-income returns between 9-12%. The minimum investment is 1,000 INR
  • Solar: Invest in solar panels in rooftop projects. Earn 10-13% returns while helping India move to clean energy.

Are Alternative Investments safe and legal?

The alternative investments offered on Vested are legal and follow the guidelines set by the regulators (the RBI and SEBI). Before you venture into the world of alternatives, it is vital to consider the following points:

Understanding the investment: Before investing, you should have a clear understanding of the asset class, its structure, and potential risks and returns. This includes understanding the market dynamics, historical performance, and factors influencing the asset’s value. It’s essential to ensure that they align with your overall investment strategy and risk tolerance

Liquidity: Alternative investments often have lower liquidity compared to traditional investments. You must consider your liquidity needs and whether you can afford to have your money tied up for the investment period.

Who can invest in Alternative Investments?

Vested is accessible to Indian residents, allowing them to invest in US stocks and ETFs, as well as alternative investment options like P2P lending and INR bonds. It’s suitable for both beginners and experienced investors who are looking for opportunities to invest in global markets and non-traditional assets.
Non-resident Indians (NRIs) can also invest in US Stocks with Vested. To open an account with Vested, NRIs need to provide their PAN card or passport, proof of address like a passport, and their tax ID from the country where they are currently a tax resident.

How do I get started as an investor with Vested?

To open an account on Vested as an investor, follow these steps:

  • Create an account: Visit the Vested website and sign up for an account. You’ll need to provide your basic information.
  • Select asset class: After signing up, choose the asset class you are interested in, such as US stocks and ETFs, Vested Edge for P2P lending, or INR Bonds for investments in bonds.
  • Complete the KYC process: Submit the required documents for the Know Your Customer (KYC) process. This typically includes your PAN card, address proof, and tax ID if you’re an NRI.
  • Fund your account: Add funds to your Vested account either by transferring from an Indian bank account or through a wire transfer from a non-Indian bank account.
  • Start investing: Once your account is set up and funded, you can start investing in the available options, such as US stocks, ETFs, or alternative investments offered by Vested.

What happens if Vested shuts down?

Your assets are held at a 3rd party custodian, and we do not ever touch or hold your money.

For US Stocks, If Vested shuts down, you would still have access to all your cash and securities, as we will ensure that direct DriveWealth access is established for you to continue to buy or sell securities. In the highly unlikely event that Vested and DriveWealth shut down, your SIPC insurance kicks in. Each brokerage account opened with Vested is insured by SIPC (Securities Investor Protection Corporation) up to $500,000. This includes $250,000 in cash. For more details, please read here

For other asset classes – Vested Edge and INR Bonds, you will still have access to your cash and securities through our NBFC-P2P partners (for Vested Edge), and your INR Bonds holdings will persist in your demat account with NSDL/CDSL.

What are the fees charged by Vested?

For US Stocks, Vested charges a fee of ₹250 to open your account and a brokerage fee of 0.20% (0.10% for Premium users) for all buy/sell transactions. In addition, your bank may charge a fee for transferring funds from your bank account to your US brokerage account.

For other alternative investments on Vested (P2P lending via Vested Edge and INR Bonds), there are no associated fees charged by Vested.