Solicitor’s Written Disclosure Document

Inasmuch as you are being solicited to utilize the advisory services of Vested Finance Inc (hereinafter, Adviser), an SEC registered investment Advisor and/or VF Securities, Inc. (hereinafter Broker), a FINRA registered broker/dealer, you are hereby provided the following information as required under Rule 206(4)-3 of the Advisers Act and FINRA Rule 2040(c):

  • The Solicitor and the Adviser/Broker have entered into a written agreement whereby the Solicitor has undertaken to contact those persons and organizations whom he/she believes may wish to utilize the investment advisory/brokerage services of the Adviser/Broker, and to recommend to such persons that they entertain a proposal for such services by the Adviser/Broker. In return for the Solicitor’s services under this agreement, the Adviser/Broker has agreed to compensate the Solicitor with a cash referral fee based upon a percentage of the investment advisory fees/commissions/fees actually received from the clients who have been referred to the Adviser/Broker by the Solicitor and who subsequently become clients of the Adviser. The term for which the Solicitor will receive a portion of the advisory fee/commission has been mutually decided between the Solicitor and the Adviser/Broker.
  • The Solicitor may assist the Adviser in developing client relationships, and where appropriate maintain continuing contact with the clients so introduced to ensure that the clients are fully satisfied with their relationship with the Adviser/Broker and with the investment advisory/brokerage services received from the Adviser/Broker.
  • The Solicitor is not an officer, director or other employee of the Adviser/Broker and does not render any investment advice on behalf of the Adviser/Broker. The Solicitor’s services to the Adviser/Broker consist solely of referrals of prospective clients and related activities pursuant to the agreement described above. The Solicitor is not authorized to act in any way on behalf of the Adviser/Broker except in connection with his/her solicitation activities and is not authorized to enter into any agreement or undertaking on behalf of the Adviser/Broker with any person(s) or organization(s).
  • No person or organization solicited by the Solicitor on behalf of the Adviser/Broker who subsequently becomes a client of the Adviser/Broker will be charged for the solicitation activities of the Solicitor. All referral fees paid to the Solicitor represent a portion of the fees actually charged by the Adviser/Broker for investment advisory services/Commissions/fees on behalf of the client. Because the fees are negotiated directly with the Solicitor, fees paid by you will be higher [or lower] than the amount of fees the Adviser/Broker would customarily charge to other new clients with similar assets and who were not referred to the Adviser/Broker by the Solicitor.

Acknowledgment of Receipt:

By clicking or tapping the “Start Investing” button you acknowledge receipt of this Solicitor’s Written Disclosure Document and Part 2 of the Adviser’s Form ADV as well as the Form CRS. You also understand that by signing this Acknowledgment of Receipt, you are not entering into any agreement for investment advisory services with Vested Finance Inc or VF Securities Inc. Such services are available only pursuant to a separate Written Agreement between Vested Finance Inc and/or VF Securities, and the Client.

Endorsement Disclosure:

You may have landed on the signup page by following a link provided on a paid endorsement post online. Vested works with different content providers across different platforms such as Youtube, Instagram or Linkedin and establishes paid partnerships with them. These endorsers are required to disclose any material that includes a paid endorsement. They are also required to disclose any other material conflicts of interest. Here is an overview of cash compensation of our Youtube, Instagram, and Linkedin partners.

Our Youtube, Instagram and LinkedIn partners are paid in the range of $1,000 to $15,000 for a paid promotion. The Youtube partners that we work with or have worked with in the past include Invest Mindset, Akshat Shrivastava, Finladder, Dhruv Rathee, Unfinance, LLA, Nitish, Think School, Shashank, Sharan, Stock Market Times, Aditya Saini, Dhruv Vlog, Shivanshu, Finology Legal, Asset Yogi, Rupee Monk, CA Neetu Jain, Develop Different, Invest Bengali, Neha Nagar, financewizcl, Rony Shah, Pratik Thakkar, Yash Awidra, Prabhudeep Singh, Yash Thakkar, Aniket Dhiman, Dehit Bhardva, Rajvi Agrawal, Mohit Rakhade, Ujjawal Pahwa, Ashna Tolkar, Tradingsecrets, Corporate Chronical, BackStage with Millionaire, Radhika Bajoria, Goela School of finance, Kamalika Poddar, Bisbo,Srishti Gosavi, Finglory, CA Jay Desai, Pratik Thakker, Devan Bhalla, Disha Shukla, ArchyGupta, Amit Tiwary, Tripti Jain, Nishant Chahar, Saumya Singh, Adarsh Chetan, Amritanjali Dubey, Saumya Awasthi, Love Babbar, The Representative, Gaurav Pandey, PrettyMuchFinance, Sajal Goel, Pratik Chauhan, Dhruv Vlog Aug, BookPillow, StartupGyaan, KamaleshRV.

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