What makes Vested Edge unique?

Edge lowers your investment risk in P2P Lending by distributing your investment automatically across multiple RBI-registered P2P NBFCs and further across multiple qualified borrowers. Exposure to a single borrower is less than 0.25%

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up to 11%

returns p.a.

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  • Reinvest interest earned for a higher ROI

Min investment

₹ 50,000


3 months min

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Vested Edge?

Vested Edge is an investment product that helps you earn up to 11.5% pa by investing in P2P lending. Vested Edge partners with P2P lending platforms with a track record of quality risk management and borrower sourcing mechanisms, and who have demonstrated consistent returns to a strong investor base while managing significant AUM.

With Vested Edge, you can automatically invest across all our P2P partner
platforms with ease, earning an effective interest rate offered by the different P2P platforms for your investment plan, while reducing risk by diversifying your investments across multiple platforms and borrowers.

What is P2P lending?

Peer-to-peer (P2P) lending is an online lending model where individuals or businesses can directly borrow money from other individuals or investors through a platform. It eliminates the need for traditional financial intermediaries, such as banks, and enables direct interaction between borrowers and lenders.

How does Vested Edge work?

Vested Edge has partnered with RBI-licensed P2P lending NBFCs Faircent and Lendbox. On opening an account and investing with Vested Edge, you maintain an investment account with all our P2P lending partners, gaining access to the borrower pool offered by each platform. Vested Edge splits your investments equally between each partner, to balance your investment exposure to each platform.

How is Vested Edge different from other P2P lending platforms?

Vested Edge allows you to automatically diversify your investments across
multiple P2P platforms, reducing the risk associated with investing with a single platform and providing access to a broader range of borrowers to diversify your investment. Vested does this automatically without you having to complete multiple KYCs, and allows you to monitor your investment across multiple platforms together

Is Vested Edge regulated?

Vested Edge is facilitated via Vested’s NBFC-P2P partners, Faircent and
Lendbox. P2P lending in India is regulated by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI). NBFC P2Ps are non-banking financial companies licensed by the RBI to operate P2P lending platforms. These platforms must maintain a minimum net-owned fund and adhere to exposure limits to mitigate risks. Platforms are obligated to conduct thorough credit assessments of borrowers and disclose relevant information to lenders. Additionally, they must maintain escrow accounts to be operated by a bank-promoted trustee, follow fair practices, and have grievance redressal mechanisms in place, ensuring transparency and protecting the interests of participants.

What are the benefits of investing with Vested Edge?

Vested Edge allows you to automatically diversify your investments across
multiple P2P platforms, reducing the risk associated with investing with a single platform and providing access to a wider range of borrowers to diversify your investment. Vested does this automatically without you having to complete multiple KYCs, and allows you to monitor your investment across multiple platforms together

What are the risks of investing in P2P lending, and how does Vested help mitigate those risks?

There are different types of risk that you need to consider when investing in P2P lending.

  • Counter-party/platform risk – This is the risk posed by the stability of the P2P platform. Vested Edge partners with platforms with a strong track record of providing returns to investors via P2P lending and a strong investor base while managing significant AUM. Your invested funds are maintained via an escrow and trustee mechanism, ensuring that the platforms or Vested never touch your funds. In addition, Vested Edge spreads your investment across multiple regulated platforms, reducing the platform risk
  • Concentration risk – This is the risk posed by lending your funds to a few borrowers. Vested’s partners provide a high degree of diversification, ensuring that less than your exposure to a single borrower is kept at less than 0.5% of your invested amount. Via Vested Edge, you also gain exposure to various types of loans, such as subvention, personal, and merchant loans. This is possible by partnering with multiple platforms offering different types of loans across different sectors, such as education, healthcare, small businesses, and retail shopping.
  • Credit risk – This is the risk posed by defaults on loans. Vested’s partners ensure that your exposure is limited to verified and vetted borrowers only. Additionally, many loans come with a guarantee of up to 5% (within the permissible limit as per FLDG guidelines). Vested also regularly monitors the portfolios of our partner platforms and provides you with ongoing reports to track the risk profile of the loans.
  • Interest rate risk – This is the risk posed by the volatility in interest rates declared by the RBI. With P2P lending, there is minimal correlation to the interest rate movements, which results in lower volatility of your investments.
  • Alignment with investors – This is the risk posed where the interests of lending platforms are not aligned with those of the investors. All our lending partner platforms do not earn any income till you receive your full capital and indicated yield. Vested continuously works to ensure that your interests are always kept first and protected.

Are the stated returns on my investments assured?

As with any form of lending, there are some risks, the biggest being that a borrower doesn’t repay, i.e., there is a risk that a borrower may default. The returns on each investment are only indicative, and there is no guarantee of the interest that you will earn. However, Vested and its P2P partners always align with your interests, ensuring that the capital and indicated interest yield are delivered to you before we earn any income and make the best efforts to provide the indicated returns.

How do I start investing with Vested Edge?

You would need to complete your KYC by providing your PAN, Aadhaar, and
bank account details. Once these have been approved by our partners, you
would need to choose among the available investment plans and invest funds via Netbanking or UPI.

What are the fees charged by Vested to invest with Edge?

There is no fee charged by Vested to invest with Edge.

What is the maximum amount I can invest with Vested Edge?

You can invest up to ₹10 lakhs anytime with Vested Edge. You can also upgrade your investment amount to ₹50 lakhs by providing a self-declaration of your assets, indicating your net worth is above ₹50 lakhs. You can find the self-declaration form on the Vested application or request the same at help@vestedfinance.co.

Can I withdraw my funds anytime?

Yes, you can withdraw your funds anytime from the Liquid Plan. However, you would need to wait for 2 business days before requesting withdrawal of any funds that have been newly invested.