Vested Finance – Fee Schedule

The fee requirements for investment activities in the US via Vested are listed below. Securities on the Vested platform are offered through VF Securities, Inc. (member FINRA/SIPC).

The definitions for the acronyms used are mentioned towards the end of this page.

Clearing Fees
Account Opening Fee
This is a one-time fee
₹250 (For Indian tax residents)
$0.00 (For non-Indian tax residents)
Account Maintenance Fee $0.00
Brokerage charges Premium subscribers: 0.15% of the trade amount ($35 maximum)
Basic Tier users: 0.25% of the trade amount ($35 maximum)
OTC Securities and Crypto ETFs 
Brokerage charges Premium subscribers: 0.25% of the trade amount
Basic Tier users: 0.5% of the trade amount
Withdrawal/ Administrative Request Fees
ACH Transfer (outgoing) $0.25
E-check (USD) $3.00
Outgoing U.S. Wire Transfer $5.00
Outgoing Non-U.S. Wire Transfer $5.00
Failed ACH Transfer $20.00 per failed transfer
Withdrawal to India via Vested Direct $0.00
Transfer Fees 
ACAT Incoming Free
ACAT Out (USA) $65.00 per transfer
ACAT Out (Non-U.S.) $65.00 per transfer
DTC Deliveries/ Receives $35.00 per position
DWAC Transfer $150.00 per position
DRS Transfer Incoming and Outgoing $150.00 per position
Miscellaneous Fees
Returned E-Checks $20.00 per check
Check Stop Payments $25.00 per check
Returned Wire Transfers* $25.00 per wire
Third Party Returned Wire Transfer* (Note: DriveWealth does not accept third-party wires) $65.00 per domestic attempted third-party wire return
$85.00 per international attempted third-party wire return
Tax Document Request (Fax and Regular Mail) $25.00 per request
1099 Request for Exempt Accounts $50.00 per request
Broker Assisted Trades (Phone Order) $10.00 per transaction
Physical Copy of Trade Confirmations $3.00 per confirmation
Physical Copy of Monthly Account Statements $5.00 per statement

*Vested is currently absorbing this fee for their clients, but reserves the right to change this at any time

Note: With respect to the Digital Advice Programs offered through partnerships with certain Financial Institutions Vested Finance’s product offerings could vary depending on the Financial Institutions, whom may change the availability of certain investments. Additionally, Digital Advice Program customers’ charges for the Fees listed above vary when compared to “direct customer” program fees. Digital Advice Program customers, please refer to your particular program’s fee schedule for accurate fee amounts.

Term Definition
ACAT Automated Customer Account Transfer. The transfer of securities from one account to another at a separate bank or brokerage. This may be done for any security or derivative: stocks, bonds, options, and futures may all be transferred via ACAT.
DRS Direct Registration System. A system, sometimes referred to as DRS, that allows electronic direct registration of securities in an investor’s name on the books for the transfer agent or issuer, and allows shares to be transferred between a transfer agent and broker electronically.
DTC A depository transfer check (DTC) is used by a designated collection bank to deposit the daily receipts of a corporation from multiple locations. Depository transfer checks are a way to ensure better cash management for companies, which collect cash at multiple locations
DWAC Deposit/withdrawal at custodian (DWAC) is a method of electronically transferring new shares or paper share certificates to and from the Depository Trust Company (DTC) using a Fast Automated Securities Transfer (FAST) service transfer agent as the distribution point.
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