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Industry: Internet & Direct Marketing Retail Sector: Consumer Discretionary

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Market Cap info-icon
This is a company’s total value as determined by the stock market. It is calculated by multiplying the total number of a company's outstanding shares by the current market price of one share.
P/E Ratio info-icon
This is the ratio of a security’s current share price to its earnings per share. This ratio determines the relative value of a company’s share.
Volume info-icon
This is the total number of shares traded during the most recent trading day.
Avg Volume info-icon
This is the average number of shares traded during the most recent 30 days.
Dividend Yield info-icon
This ratio shows how much income you earn in dividend payouts per year for every dollar invested in the stock (or the stock’s annual dividend payment expressed as a percentage of its current price).
Beta info-icon
This measures the expected move in a stock’s price relative to movements in the overall market. The market, such as the S&P 500 Index, has a beta of 1.0. If a stock has a Beta greater (or lower) than 1.0, it suggests that the stock is more (or less) volatile than the broader market.
52-week Range info-icon
This shows the range of the stock’s price between the 52-week high (the highest price of the stock for the past 52 weeks) and the 52-week low (the lowest price of the stock for the past 52 weeks).
$88.12 L
$177.22 H

About Inc, Common Stock, Inc. engages in the retail sale of consumer products, advertising, and subscriptions service through online and physical stores in North America and internationally. The company operates through three segments: North America, Internationa...more

Industry: Internet & Direct Marketing RetailSector: Consumer Discretionary


Time FrameAMZNSectorS&P500
1-Week Return1.85%1.72%0.03%
1-Month Return11.89%5.86%3.84%
3-Month Return21.21%7.98%11.14%
6-Month Return29.03%9.08%13.49%
1-Year Return93.36%29.43%30.78%
3-Year Return13.29%14.45%36.58%
5-Year Return113.22%74.13%97.17%
10-Year Return890.72%213.68%231.4%


Dec '19Dec '20Dec '21Dec '22Dec '235YR TREND
Total Revenue280.52B386.06B469.82B513.98B574.78B[{"date":"2019-12-31","value":48.8,"profit":true},{"date":"2020-12-31","value":67.17,"profit":true},{"date":"2021-12-31","value":81.74,"profit":true},{"date":"2022-12-31","value":89.42,"profit":true},{"date":"2023-12-31","value":100,"profit":true}]
Cost of Revenue165.54B233.31B272.34B288.83B304.74B[{"date":"2019-12-31","value":54.32,"profit":true},{"date":"2020-12-31","value":76.56,"profit":true},{"date":"2021-12-31","value":89.37,"profit":true},{"date":"2022-12-31","value":94.78,"profit":true},{"date":"2023-12-31","value":100,"profit":true}]
Gross Profit114.99B152.76B197.48B225.15B270.05B[{"date":"2019-12-31","value":42.58,"profit":true},{"date":"2020-12-31","value":56.57,"profit":true},{"date":"2021-12-31","value":73.13,"profit":true},{"date":"2022-12-31","value":83.38,"profit":true},{"date":"2023-12-31","value":100,"profit":true}]
Gross Margin40.99%39.57%42.03%43.81%46.98%[{"date":"2019-12-31","value":87.25,"profit":true},{"date":"2020-12-31","value":84.22,"profit":true},{"date":"2021-12-31","value":89.46,"profit":true},{"date":"2022-12-31","value":93.24,"profit":true},{"date":"2023-12-31","value":100,"profit":true}]
Operating Expenses265.98B363.17B444.94B501.74B232.43B[{"date":"2019-12-31","value":53.01,"profit":true},{"date":"2020-12-31","value":72.38,"profit":true},{"date":"2021-12-31","value":88.68,"profit":true},{"date":"2022-12-31","value":100,"profit":true},{"date":"2023-12-31","value":46.32,"profit":true}]
Operating Income14.54B22.90B24.88B12.25B36.85B[{"date":"2019-12-31","value":39.46,"profit":true},{"date":"2020-12-31","value":62.14,"profit":true},{"date":"2021-12-31","value":67.51,"profit":true},{"date":"2022-12-31","value":33.24,"profit":true},{"date":"2023-12-31","value":100,"profit":true}]
Total Non-Operating Income/Expense(1.33B)187.00M(3.17B)(3.75B)(3.68B)[{"date":"2019-12-31","value":-712.83,"profit":false},{"date":"2020-12-31","value":100,"profit":true},{"date":"2021-12-31","value":-1695.19,"profit":false},{"date":"2022-12-31","value":-2002.67,"profit":false},{"date":"2023-12-31","value":-1968.45,"profit":false}]
Pre-Tax Income13.98B24.18B38.15B(5.94B)37.56B[{"date":"2019-12-31","value":36.63,"profit":true},{"date":"2020-12-31","value":63.37,"profit":true},{"date":"2021-12-31","value":100,"profit":true},{"date":"2022-12-31","value":-15.56,"profit":false},{"date":"2023-12-31","value":98.44,"profit":true}]
Income Taxes2.37B2.86B4.79B(3.22B)7.12B[{"date":"2019-12-31","value":33.34,"profit":true},{"date":"2020-12-31","value":40.21,"profit":true},{"date":"2021-12-31","value":67.29,"profit":true},{"date":"2022-12-31","value":-45.18,"profit":false},{"date":"2023-12-31","value":100,"profit":true}]
Income After Taxes11.60B21.32B33.36B(2.72B)30.44B[{"date":"2019-12-31","value":34.78,"profit":true},{"date":"2020-12-31","value":63.89,"profit":true},{"date":"2021-12-31","value":100,"profit":true},{"date":"2022-12-31","value":-8.15,"profit":false},{"date":"2023-12-31","value":91.24,"profit":true}]
Income From Continuous Operations11.60B21.32B33.36B(2.72B)20.08B[{"date":"2019-12-31","value":34.78,"profit":true},{"date":"2020-12-31","value":63.89,"profit":true},{"date":"2021-12-31","value":100,"profit":true},{"date":"2022-12-31","value":-8.16,"profit":false},{"date":"2023-12-31","value":60.19,"profit":true}]
Income From Discontinued Operations-----[{"date":"2019-12-31","value":"-","profit":true},{"date":"2020-12-31","value":"-","profit":true},{"date":"2021-12-31","value":"-","profit":true},{"date":"2022-12-31","value":"-","profit":true},{"date":"2023-12-31","value":"-","profit":true}]
Net Income11.59B21.33B33.36B(2.72B)30.43B[{"date":"2019-12-31","value":34.73,"profit":true},{"date":"2020-12-31","value":63.93,"profit":true},{"date":"2021-12-31","value":100,"profit":true},{"date":"2022-12-31","value":-8.16,"profit":false},{"date":"2023-12-31","value":91.19,"profit":true}]
EPS (Diluted)[{"date":"2019-12-31","value":39.31,"profit":true},{"date":"2020-12-31","value":72.07,"profit":true},{"date":"2021-12-31","value":74.14,"profit":true},{"date":"2022-12-31","value":33.45,"profit":true},{"date":"2023-12-31","value":100,"profit":true}]



These ratios help you determine the liquidity of the company. Higher is better.

Cash Ratio 0.53
Current Ratio 1.05
Quick Ratio 0.84

Asset Efficiency

These ratios help you understand the company's efficiency in using its assets to generate returns. Higher is better. For ROE, average long term is around 14%, less than 10% is poor.

ROA (LTM) 4.65%
ROE (LTM) 17.49%


These ratios help you understand the company's liabilities, gauging the riskiness of the investment.

Debt Ratio Lower is generally better. Negative is bad. 0.62
Common Equity/Total Assets Higher is better. Lower can suggest investment is riskier. 0.38
Debt/Equity The higher the number, the more leverage the business employs, the riskier the investment typically is. 2.61


These ratios help you understand the company's valuation. Lower may indicate cheaper stocks.

Trailing PE 60.95
Forward PE 41.67
P/S (TTM) 3.19
P/B 9.09
Price/FCF 66
EV/R 3.28
EV/Ebitda 21.06
PEG 0.05


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What is Inc share price today? Inc (AMZN) share price today is $178.22

Can Indians buy Inc shares?

Yes, Indians can buy shares of Inc (AMZN) on Vested. To buy from India, you can open a US Brokerage account on Vested today by clicking on Sign Up or Invest in AMZN stock at the top of this page. The account opening process is completely digital and secure, and takes a few minutes to complete.

Can Fractional shares of Inc be purchased?

Yes, you can purchase fractional shares of Inc (AMZN) via the Vested app. You can start investing in Inc (AMZN) with a minimum investment of $1.

How to invest in Inc shares from India?

You can invest in shares of Inc (AMZN) via Vested in three simple steps:

  • Click on Sign Up or Invest in AMZN stock at the top of this page
  • Breeze through our fully digital and secure KYC process and open your US Brokerage account in a few minutes
  • Transfer USD funds to your US Brokerage account and start investing in Inc shares
What is Inc 52-week high and low stock price?

The 52-week high price of Inc (AMZN) is 177.22. The 52-week low price of Inc (AMZN) is 88.12.

What is Inc price-to-earnings (P/E) ratio?

The price-to-earnings (P/E) ratio of Inc (AMZN) is 61.47

What is Inc price-to-book (P/B) ratio?

The price-to-book (P/B) ratio of Inc (AMZN) is 9.09

What is Inc dividend yield?

The dividend yield of Inc (AMZN) is 0.00%

What is the Market Cap of Inc?

The market capitalization of Inc (AMZN) is $1.85T

What is Inc’s stock symbol?

The stock symbol (or ticker) of Inc is AMZN

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