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Industry: Household Products Sector: Consumer Staples

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$132.73 L
$161.74 H

About Procter & Gamble Company, Common Stock

The Procter & Gamble Company provides branded consumer packaged goods worldwide. It operates through five segments: Beauty; Grooming; Health Care; Fabric & Home Care; and Baby, Feminine & Family Care. The Beauty segment offers conditioners, shampoos,...more

Industry: Household ProductsSector: Consumer Staples


Time FramePGSectorS&P500
1-Week Return-1.35%-0.43%0.03%
1-Month Return-0.21%0.07%3.84%
3-Month Return4.71%5.74%11.14%
6-Month Return4.11%4.7%13.49%
1-Year Return18.33%6.91%30.78%
3-Year Return37.72%25.73%36.58%
5-Year Return82.85%56.57%97.17%
10-Year Return172.99%130.12%231.4%


Jun '19Jun '20Jun '21Jun '22Jun '235YR TREND
Total Revenue67.68B70.95B76.12B80.19B82.01B[{"date":"2019-06-30","value":82.54,"profit":true},{"date":"2020-06-30","value":86.52,"profit":true},{"date":"2021-06-30","value":92.82,"profit":true},{"date":"2022-06-30","value":97.78,"profit":true},{"date":"2023-06-30","value":100,"profit":true}]
Cost of Revenue34.77B35.25B37.11B42.16B42.76B[{"date":"2019-06-30","value":81.31,"profit":true},{"date":"2020-06-30","value":82.44,"profit":true},{"date":"2021-06-30","value":86.78,"profit":true},{"date":"2022-06-30","value":98.59,"profit":true},{"date":"2023-06-30","value":100,"profit":true}]
Gross Profit32.92B35.70B39.01B38.03B39.25B[{"date":"2019-06-30","value":83.87,"profit":true},{"date":"2020-06-30","value":90.96,"profit":true},{"date":"2021-06-30","value":99.4,"profit":true},{"date":"2022-06-30","value":96.9,"profit":true},{"date":"2023-06-30","value":100,"profit":true}]
Gross Margin48.63%50.32%51.25%47.43%47.86%[{"date":"2019-06-30","value":94.89,"profit":true},{"date":"2020-06-30","value":98.18,"profit":true},{"date":"2021-06-30","value":100,"profit":true},{"date":"2022-06-30","value":92.54,"profit":true},{"date":"2023-06-30","value":93.38,"profit":true}]
Operating Expenses19.08B19.99B21.02B20.22B21.11B[{"date":"2019-06-30","value":90.39,"profit":true},{"date":"2020-06-30","value":94.7,"profit":true},{"date":"2021-06-30","value":99.58,"profit":true},{"date":"2022-06-30","value":95.76,"profit":true},{"date":"2023-06-30","value":100,"profit":true}]
Operating Income14.92B15.71B17.99B17.81B18.13B[{"date":"2019-06-30","value":82.29,"profit":true},{"date":"2020-06-30","value":86.61,"profit":true},{"date":"2021-06-30","value":99.18,"profit":true},{"date":"2022-06-30","value":98.23,"profit":true},{"date":"2023-06-30","value":100,"profit":true}]
Total Non-Operating Income/Expense(9.14B)(182.00M)(828.00M)(206.00M)219.00M[{"date":"2019-06-30","value":-4174.89,"profit":false},{"date":"2020-06-30","value":-83.11,"profit":false},{"date":"2021-06-30","value":-378.08,"profit":false},{"date":"2022-06-30","value":-94.06,"profit":false},{"date":"2023-06-30","value":100,"profit":true}]
Pre-Tax Income6.07B15.83B17.61B18.00B18.35B[{"date":"2019-06-30","value":33.07,"profit":true},{"date":"2020-06-30","value":86.27,"profit":true},{"date":"2021-06-30","value":95.98,"profit":true},{"date":"2022-06-30","value":98.05,"profit":true},{"date":"2023-06-30","value":100,"profit":true}]
Income Taxes2.10B2.73B3.26B3.20B3.62B[{"date":"2019-06-30","value":58.17,"profit":true},{"date":"2020-06-30","value":75.55,"profit":true},{"date":"2021-06-30","value":90.26,"profit":true},{"date":"2022-06-30","value":88.58,"profit":true},{"date":"2023-06-30","value":100,"profit":true}]
Income After Taxes3.97B13.10B14.35B14.79B14.74B[{"date":"2019-06-30","value":26.81,"profit":true},{"date":"2020-06-30","value":88.58,"profit":true},{"date":"2021-06-30","value":97.02,"profit":true},{"date":"2022-06-30","value":100,"profit":true},{"date":"2023-06-30","value":99.63,"profit":true}]
Income From Continuous Operations3.97B13.10B14.35B14.79B14.74B[{"date":"2019-06-30","value":26.81,"profit":true},{"date":"2020-06-30","value":88.58,"profit":true},{"date":"2021-06-30","value":97.02,"profit":true},{"date":"2022-06-30","value":100,"profit":true},{"date":"2023-06-30","value":99.63,"profit":true}]
Income From Discontinued Operations-----[{"date":"2019-06-30","value":"-","profit":true},{"date":"2020-06-30","value":"-","profit":true},{"date":"2021-06-30","value":"-","profit":true},{"date":"2022-06-30","value":"-","profit":true},{"date":"2023-06-30","value":"-","profit":true}]
Net Income3.90B13.03B14.31B14.74B14.65B[{"date":"2019-06-30","value":26.43,"profit":true},{"date":"2020-06-30","value":88.37,"profit":true},{"date":"2021-06-30","value":97.04,"profit":true},{"date":"2022-06-30","value":100,"profit":true},{"date":"2023-06-30","value":99.4,"profit":true}]
EPS (Diluted)4.535.125.665.815.90[{"date":"2019-06-30","value":76.78,"profit":true},{"date":"2020-06-30","value":86.78,"profit":true},{"date":"2021-06-30","value":95.93,"profit":true},{"date":"2022-06-30","value":98.47,"profit":true},{"date":"2023-06-30","value":100,"profit":true}]



These ratios help you determine the liquidity of the company. Higher is better.

Cash Ratio 0.22
Current Ratio 0.64
Quick Ratio 0.44

Asset Efficiency

These ratios help you understand the company's efficiency in using its assets to generate returns. Higher is better. For ROE, average long term is around 14%, less than 10% is poor.

ROA (LTM) 10.96%
ROE (LTM) 31.78%


These ratios help you understand the company's liabilities, gauging the riskiness of the investment.

Debt Ratio Lower is generally better. Negative is bad. 0.60
Common Equity/Total Assets Higher is better. Lower can suggest investment is riskier. 0.40
Debt/Equity The higher the number, the more leverage the business employs, the riskier the investment typically is. 2.49


These ratios help you understand the company's valuation. Lower may indicate cheaper stocks.

Trailing PE 26.62
Forward PE 25.06
P/S (TTM) 4.46
P/B 7.89
Price/FCF 123
EV/R 4.80
EV/Ebitda 17.86
PEG 5.15


Nestlé declares post-tax loss of ₦79bn as Nigeria battles forex crisis

The devaluation of the Naira adversely affected the company''s profit after tax. Global food and beverage company, Nestlé has said its Nigerian subsidiary has suffered one of its worst losses since inception due to the recent Naira devaluation. According to the company’s financial statement highlighting the 2023 business year, Nestlé Nigeria PLC’s sales which stood at ₦547.1 billion in 2023, recorded a 22.4% increase with over ₦100.2 billion when compared to the sales figure in 2022. The Gross profit increased by 39.4% to ₦217.2 billion during the year in review from ₦155.8 billion recorded in 2022 while the operating profit rose by 41.2% to ₦122.7 billion, recording an increase of ₦35.8 billion when compared to the figures in 2022. The statement however noted that the devaluation of the Naira adversely affected the company''s profit after tax, resulting in a loss of ₦79.5 billion for 2023. More analysis of the financial statement showed about 60% of Nestlé Nigeria''s liabilities were made up of loans denominated in US dollars, a major setback to the company as this occurred when the value of the Naira tumbled by about 70%.

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Safe Haven Stocks: 3 Non-Cyclical Picks to Protect Your Portfolio

Investing in the stock market is a volatile journey, making it necessary to hold safe haven stocks in your portfolio. During periods of economic uncertainty, it is important to be confident in your investments. Unlike their cyclical counterparts, safe haven stocks exhibit characteristics of resilience and relative strength. This provides an extra layer of safety to protect your portfolio during market drawdowns. Additionally, these companies boast strong financial health, with a history of weathering economic storms. While they don’t always offer the same growth as some high-flying companies during the good times, they provide a sense of stability and diversification to an investor’s portfolio during the bad times. Now, let’s discuss the top 3 safe haven stocks to protect your portfolio! Procter & Gamble (PG) Source: Jonathan Weiss / Procter & Gamble (NYSE: PG ) is one of the best safe haven stocks to protect your portfolio in 2024. Known for specializing in consumer health and personal care products, they’re one of the world’s most recognized companies.

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Procter & Gamble Co at Consumer Analyst Group of New York (CAGNY) Virtual Conference Transcript

Procter & Gamble Co at Consumer Analyst Group of New York (CAGNY) Virtual Conference Transcript

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CUET UG registration begins: How to apply

The Common University Entrance Test (CUET)-UG will be conducted in hybrid mode from May 15-31 in two or three shifts per day, the National Testing Agency (NTA) announced on Tuesday. The crucial exam for admission in undergraduate programmes in central universities will be conducted in 13 languages at centres in 380 cities including 26 cities abroad. The application process began on Tuesday and will conclude on March 26. Last year, the testing agency received approximately 14.9 lakh registration for the CUET-UG. Introduced in 2022, the CUET (UG) provides a single-window opportunity to students seeking admission in any of the Central Universities (CUs) or other participating organisations including state universities, deemed and private universities across the country.CUET UG 2024 - Key things to knowFor subjects having a high number of registrations, the exam will be conducted in the pen-and-paper mode using the optical mark recognition (OMR) format, and for others it will continue to be computer-based.

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7 Stalwart Stocks to Buy and Hold Through Any Storm

Fundamentally, the bullish case for acquiring stalwart stocks is a simple one. It’s effectively Wall Street’s version of befriending the biggest, meanest schoolyard bully. We’ve all been in this situation before. As kids, we typically grow at a similar rate to our classmates. However, some kids are built differently, like they’re destined to play middle linebacker for the Dallas Cowboys. You don’t mess with these giants. In turn, by being their friend, people tend to not mess with you either. Now, it doesn’t mean you can go around with impunity and mess with other kids. But befriending the bully gives you a certain level of confidence that whatever happens at school, you’ve got someone that can take care of business. It’s the same thing on Wall Street. These ideas probably won’t make you rich. But they should help you avoid being poor. On that note, below are intriguing stalwart stocks to buy and hold through any storm. Procter & Gamble (PG) Source: rblfmr/ When it comes to stalwart stocks, you gotta go with Procter & Gamble (NYSE: PG ).

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3 Dependable Dividend Stocks for Retirement Stability

Not every investor wants to beat the stock market. While high returns from 2023 and the start of 2024 have led to more bullishness, some investors still think back to 2022 and want to minimize their losses from a correction or economic uncertainty. Dependable dividend stocks can fulfill that objective. These stocks continue to pay out distributions to their investors while having business models that can withstand downturns. Investors should set their sights on companies that have been in business for many years if they seek stability. Good valuations and high yields can make a dividend stock look more dependable. Dividend investors seeking some top picks may want to consider these assets for retirement stability. Walmart (WMT) Walmart (NYSE: WMT ) is a well-known retailer that offers less risk than other e-commerce stocks. The equity has a 5-year beta of 0.49, which means it’s less prone to sharp corrections. Even though the stock has a low beta and has been around for decades, it’s still delivering impressive returns for shareholders.

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The Dividend Vault: 7 Stocks with Ironclad Payouts for the Long Haul

Among dividend stocks , the “dividend aristocrats” are the cream of the crop. Owning these stocks offers the opportunity for solid long-term total returns because of the steady, increasing payouts. However, even among the aristocrats, there are some that are more regal than others. This has nothing to do with the amount of years of dividend growth under a particular company’s belt. There are plenty of not only mere “aristocrats,” but “dividend kings” (stocks with over 50 years of consecutive dividend growth) as well as questionable dividend growth prospects. A prime example is 3M (NYSE: MMM ). As I have discussed previously, following the settlement of billions worth of litigation, plus other headwinds like persistent weak growth, a dividend cut may be in its future . With this, the key to steady, growing payouts in the long haul may entail finding the aristocrats with the best chances of maintaining their royal status. That’s the situation here, with these seven dividend stocks. Automatic Data Processing (ADP) Source: IgorGolovniov / Shutterstock Automatic Data Processing (NASDAQ: ADP ), best known for being the world’s leading payroll processing company, is a top choice among blue-chips with dividend quality and growth potential.

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What is Procter & Gamble Company share price today?

Procter & Gamble Company (PG) share price today is $158.85

Can Indians buy Procter & Gamble Company shares?

Yes, Indians can buy shares of Procter & Gamble Company (PG) on Vested. To buy from India, you can open a US Brokerage account on Vested today by clicking on Sign Up or Invest in PG stock at the top of this page. The account opening process is completely digital and secure, and takes a few minutes to complete.

Can Fractional shares of Procter & Gamble Company be purchased?

Yes, you can purchase fractional shares of Procter & Gamble Company (PG) via the Vested app. You can start investing in Procter & Gamble Company (PG) with a minimum investment of $1.

How to invest in Procter & Gamble Company shares from India?

You can invest in shares of Procter & Gamble Company (PG) via Vested in three simple steps:

  • Click on Sign Up or Invest in PG stock at the top of this page
  • Breeze through our fully digital and secure KYC process and open your US Brokerage account in a few minutes
  • Transfer USD funds to your US Brokerage account and start investing in Procter & Gamble Company shares
What is Procter & Gamble Company 52-week high and low stock price?

The 52-week high price of Procter & Gamble Company (PG) is 161.74. The 52-week low price of Procter & Gamble Company (PG) is 132.73.

What is Procter & Gamble Company price-to-earnings (P/E) ratio?

The price-to-earnings (P/E) ratio of Procter & Gamble Company (PG) is 27.11

What is Procter & Gamble Company price-to-book (P/B) ratio?

The price-to-book (P/B) ratio of Procter & Gamble Company (PG) is 7.89

What is Procter & Gamble Company dividend yield?

The dividend yield of Procter & Gamble Company (PG) is 2.35%

What is the Market Cap of Procter & Gamble Company?

The market capitalization of Procter & Gamble Company (PG) is $373.78B

What is Procter & Gamble Company’s stock symbol?

The stock symbol (or ticker) of Procter & Gamble Company is PG

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