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Industry: Pharmaceuticals Sector: Health Care

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This is a company’s total value as determined by the stock market. It is calculated by multiplying the total number of a company's outstanding shares by the current market price of one share.
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This measures the expected move in a stock’s price relative to movements in the overall market. The market, such as the S&P 500 Index, has a beta of 1.0. If a stock has a Beta greater (or lower) than 1.0, it suggests that the stock is more (or less) volatile than the broader market.
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This shows the range of the stock’s price between the 52-week high (the highest price of the stock for the past 52 weeks) and the 52-week low (the lowest price of the stock for the past 52 weeks).
$143.8 L
$173.31 H

About Johnson & Johnson, Common Stock

Johnson & Johnson, together with its subsidiaries, researches, develops, manufactures, and sells various products in the healthcare field worldwide. The company's Consumer Health segment provides skin health/beauty products under the AVEENO, CLEAN & ...more

Industry: PharmaceuticalsSector: Health Care


Time FrameJNJSectorS&P500
1-Week Return0.17%-2.06%0.03%
1-Month Return2.37%1.84%3.84%
3-Month Return2.36%10.35%11.14%
6-Month Return1.83%9.35%13.49%
1-Year Return8.7%15.97%30.78%
3-Year Return9.63%33%36.58%
5-Year Return33.28%69.86%97.17%
10-Year Return130.79%188.37%231.4%


Dec '19Dec '20Dec '21Dec '22Dec '235YR TREND
Total Revenue82.06B82.58B93.78B94.94B85.15B[{"date":"2019-12-31","value":86.43,"profit":true},{"date":"2020-12-31","value":86.98,"profit":true},{"date":"2021-12-31","value":98.77,"profit":true},{"date":"2022-12-31","value":100,"profit":true},{"date":"2023-12-31","value":89.69,"profit":true}]
Cost of Revenue27.56B28.43B29.86B31.09B26.74B[{"date":"2019-12-31","value":88.64,"profit":true},{"date":"2020-12-31","value":91.44,"profit":true},{"date":"2021-12-31","value":96.03,"profit":true},{"date":"2022-12-31","value":100,"profit":true},{"date":"2023-12-31","value":86.01,"profit":true}]
Gross Profit54.50B54.16B63.92B63.85B58.41B[{"date":"2019-12-31","value":85.27,"profit":true},{"date":"2020-12-31","value":84.73,"profit":true},{"date":"2021-12-31","value":100,"profit":true},{"date":"2022-12-31","value":99.9,"profit":true},{"date":"2023-12-31","value":91.38,"profit":true}]
Gross Margin66.42%65.58%68.16%67.26%68.60%[{"date":"2019-12-31","value":96.82,"profit":true},{"date":"2020-12-31","value":95.6,"profit":true},{"date":"2021-12-31","value":99.37,"profit":true},{"date":"2022-12-31","value":98.04,"profit":true},{"date":"2023-12-31","value":100,"profit":true}]
Operating Expenses33.53B34.24B39.37B40.15B36.56B[{"date":"2019-12-31","value":83.52,"profit":true},{"date":"2020-12-31","value":85.29,"profit":true},{"date":"2021-12-31","value":98.06,"profit":true},{"date":"2022-12-31","value":100,"profit":true},{"date":"2023-12-31","value":91.06,"profit":true}]
Operating Income21.01B19.82B24.42B23.92B21.85B[{"date":"2019-12-31","value":86.04,"profit":true},{"date":"2020-12-31","value":81.19,"profit":true},{"date":"2021-12-31","value":100,"profit":true},{"date":"2022-12-31","value":97.95,"profit":true},{"date":"2023-12-31","value":89.5,"profit":true}]
Total Non-Operating Income/Expense(3.64B)(3.42B)(1.77B)(1.98B)(6.30B)[{"date":"2019-12-31","value":-364200000000,"profit":false},{"date":"2020-12-31","value":-341700000000,"profit":false},{"date":"2021-12-31","value":-177100000000,"profit":false},{"date":"2022-12-31","value":-197800000000,"profit":false},{"date":"2023-12-31","value":-630200000000,"profit":false}]
Pre-Tax Income17.33B16.50B22.78B21.73B15.06B[{"date":"2019-12-31","value":76.08,"profit":true},{"date":"2020-12-31","value":72.43,"profit":true},{"date":"2021-12-31","value":100,"profit":true},{"date":"2022-12-31","value":95.39,"profit":true},{"date":"2023-12-31","value":66.13,"profit":true}]
Income Taxes2.21B1.78B1.90B3.78B1.74B[{"date":"2019-12-31","value":58.38,"profit":true},{"date":"2020-12-31","value":47.12,"profit":true},{"date":"2021-12-31","value":50.16,"profit":true},{"date":"2022-12-31","value":100,"profit":true},{"date":"2023-12-31","value":45.88,"profit":true}]
Income After Taxes15.12B14.71B20.88B17.94B13.33B[{"date":"2019-12-31","value":72.42,"profit":true},{"date":"2020-12-31","value":70.48,"profit":true},{"date":"2021-12-31","value":100,"profit":true},{"date":"2022-12-31","value":85.93,"profit":true},{"date":"2023-12-31","value":63.83,"profit":true}]
Income From Continuous Operations15.12B14.71B20.88B17.94B13.33B[{"date":"2019-12-31","value":72.42,"profit":true},{"date":"2020-12-31","value":70.48,"profit":true},{"date":"2021-12-31","value":100,"profit":true},{"date":"2022-12-31","value":85.93,"profit":true},{"date":"2023-12-31","value":63.83,"profit":true}]
Income From Discontinued Operations-----[{"date":"2019-12-31","value":"-","profit":true},{"date":"2020-12-31","value":"-","profit":true},{"date":"2021-12-31","value":"-","profit":true},{"date":"2022-12-31","value":"-","profit":true},{"date":"2023-12-31","value":"-","profit":true}]
Net Income15.12B14.71B20.88B17.94B14.17B[{"date":"2019-12-31","value":72.42,"profit":true},{"date":"2020-12-31","value":70.48,"profit":true},{"date":"2021-12-31","value":100,"profit":true},{"date":"2022-12-31","value":85.93,"profit":true},{"date":"2023-12-31","value":67.87,"profit":true}]
EPS (Diluted)8.688.039.8010.1610.43[{"date":"2019-12-31","value":83.22,"profit":true},{"date":"2020-12-31","value":76.99,"profit":true},{"date":"2021-12-31","value":93.96,"profit":true},{"date":"2022-12-31","value":97.41,"profit":true},{"date":"2023-12-31","value":100,"profit":true}]



These ratios help you determine the liquidity of the company. Higher is better.

Cash Ratio 0.50
Current Ratio 1.16
Quick Ratio 0.91

Asset Efficiency

These ratios help you understand the company's efficiency in using its assets to generate returns. Higher is better. For ROE, average long term is around 14%, less than 10% is poor.

ROA (LTM) 8.33%
ROE (LTM) 18.31%


These ratios help you understand the company's liabilities, gauging the riskiness of the investment.

Debt Ratio Lower is generally better. Negative is bad. 0.59
Common Equity/Total Assets Higher is better. Lower can suggest investment is riskier. 0.41
Debt/Equity The higher the number, the more leverage the business employs, the riskier the investment typically is. 2.44


These ratios help you understand the company's valuation. Lower may indicate cheaper stocks.

Trailing PE 31.03
Forward PE 15.13
P/S (TTM) 4.56
P/B 5.65
Price/FCF 62
EV/R 4.64
EV/Ebitda 16.94
PEG 0.11


Will Johnson & Johnson Be a Trillion-Dollar Stock by 2030?

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Johnson and Johnson gets USFDA approval for Rybrevant, chemotherapy combo for lung cancer treatment

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Senators grilled Big Pharma CEOs Joaquin Duato, Robert Davis, and Chris Boerner on Drug Pricing

During a Senate committee hearing on Thursday, the CEOs of three big drugmakers faced sharp criticism from lawmakers over the exorbitant cost of prescription drugs in the United States. Senators heard testimony from Joaquin Duato of Johnson & Johnson, Robert M. Davis of Merck, and Christopher Boerner of Bristol Myers Squibb. The hearing was held […] The post Senators grilled Big Pharma CEOs Joaquin Duato, Robert Davis, and Chris Boerner on Drug Pricing appeared first on CEOWORLD magazine . Copyright CEOWORLD magazine 2023.

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Johnson & Johnson''s Rybrevant Gets FDA Approval For Lung Cancer Treatment

NEW BRUNSWICK (dpa-AFX) - Johnson & Johnson (JNJ) Friday announced that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved its drug Rybrevant in combination with chemotherapy as a first-line…

1 Mar, 2024 a 9:54 pm Finanz Nachrichten

RYBREVANT® (amivantamab-vmjw) in Combination With Chemotherapy Is the First FDA Approved Therapy for First-line Treatment of Patients With Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer with EGFR Exon 20 Insertion Mutations | JNJ Stock News

Johnson & Johnson''s RYBREVANT® Receives FDA Approval for First-Line Treatment of NSCLC with EGFR Exon 20 Insertion Mutations, Showing 61% Reduction in Disease Progression or Death in Phase 3 PAPILLON Study

1 Mar, 2024 a 8:59 pm Stock Titan

Judge rejects AstraZeneca’s challenge to Medicare drug price negotiations

… of certain costly prescription drugs with manufacturers. The … legal fight with the pharmaceutical industry over the … for their treatments. Those drugs include AstraZeneca ''s Farxiga, … Myers Squibb, Novo Nordisk, Novartis and Johnson & Johnson …

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Don’t Panic! 7 Smart Stocks to Buy if the Markets Take a Tumble.

While the equities sector roars higher, it’s never a bad idea to consider stocks to buy for a down market. No, I’m not prognosticating an imminent calamity. Rather, I just think it’s smart to think ahead. Essentially, stocks to buy for a down market is Wall Street’s equivalent of an emergency kit. You do have one of those, don’t you? Because if you don’t, you should get one. Sure, it might seem like a waste of time and money, especially if an emergency doesn’t materialize. But that’s the thing – unexpected calamities have a way of being, you know, unexpected . Similarly, I don’t think you’re going to get uber-rich with these stocks to buy for a down market. However, should the red ink start flying, you’re going to sleep easier buying these giants on the dip. Johnson & Johnson (JNJ) Source: Alexander Tolstykh / A pharmaceutical giant, Johnson & Johnson (NYSE: JNJ ) is now a more streamlined operation, having spun off its consumer health products division. While I have some reservations about the move, in the long run, it may unlock value for stakeholders prior to the spinoff.

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Biocon Biologics settles with Janssen; paves way for launch of biosimilar in US

Biocon Biologics signs settlement and license agreement with Janssen Biotech and Johnson & Johnson to commercialize Bmab 1200, a biosimilar to Stelara, in the US once approved by the USFDA. The therapy is expected to launch in February 2025.

29 Feb, 2024 a 4:22 pm The Times of India

Biocon Biologics inks licence pact with Janssen for biosimilar product

The agreement licenses the company to launch in the US in February 2025, once approved by the US Food and Drug Administration(USFDA), Biocon Biologics said in a statement.

29 Feb, 2024 a 4:09 pm Economic Times India

Uganda to vaccinate over 10,000 health workers against ebola

On behalf of MOH, Lt. Col. Dr. Henry Kyobe Bosa received a consignment of 25,060 doses of J & J Ebola vaccines to be used in preventive vaccination against Ebola in 20 target districts in Uganda. Kampala, Uganda | THE INDEPENDENT | Government is set to vaccinate over 10,000 high risk health workers against Ebola starting in May, 2024. The exercise will target mainly 20 districts along the border line with the DR Congo, and some places in Kampala city against Ebola. This revelation was made by Dr. Henry Kyobe, a Ministry of Health epidemiologist, and the leader of the Ebola response taskforce, shortly after receiving a donation of up to 25,000 double doses from the Johnson and Johnson company on Wednesday. According to Dr. Kyobe, the donation was on request by the Ministry of Health to the company, as a way of adding onto the layers of resistance in case of an out break of this disease, especially the Sudanese strain that ravaged the country in 2022. He adds that the vaccination exercise is set to start in May after all the preparatory works are done since there is no need to carry out the vaccination quickly.

29 Feb, 2024 a 4:00 pm The Independent Uganda


What is Johnson & Johnson share price today?

Johnson & Johnson (JNJ) share price today is $162.12

Can Indians buy Johnson & Johnson shares?

Yes, Indians can buy shares of Johnson & Johnson (JNJ) on Vested. To buy from India, you can open a US Brokerage account on Vested today by clicking on Sign Up or Invest in JNJ stock at the top of this page. The account opening process is completely digital and secure, and takes a few minutes to complete.

Can Fractional shares of Johnson & Johnson be purchased?

Yes, you can purchase fractional shares of Johnson & Johnson (JNJ) via the Vested app. You can start investing in Johnson & Johnson (JNJ) with a minimum investment of $1.

How to invest in Johnson & Johnson shares from India?

You can invest in shares of Johnson & Johnson (JNJ) via Vested in three simple steps:

  • Click on Sign Up or Invest in JNJ stock at the top of this page
  • Breeze through our fully digital and secure KYC process and open your US Brokerage account in a few minutes
  • Transfer USD funds to your US Brokerage account and start investing in Johnson & Johnson shares
What is Johnson & Johnson 52-week high and low stock price?

The 52-week high price of Johnson & Johnson (JNJ) is 173.31. The 52-week low price of Johnson & Johnson (JNJ) is 143.8.

What is Johnson & Johnson price-to-earnings (P/E) ratio?

The price-to-earnings (P/E) ratio of Johnson & Johnson (JNJ) is 11.81

What is Johnson & Johnson price-to-book (P/B) ratio?

The price-to-book (P/B) ratio of Johnson & Johnson (JNJ) is 5.65

What is Johnson & Johnson dividend yield?

The dividend yield of Johnson & Johnson (JNJ) is 2.95%

What is the Market Cap of Johnson & Johnson?

The market capitalization of Johnson & Johnson (JNJ) is $390.59B

What is Johnson & Johnson’s stock symbol?

The stock symbol (or ticker) of Johnson & Johnson is JNJ

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