Why invest in Solar?


Stable passive returns

Grow your wealth with monthly cash flows. Earn 10-13% stable returns


Sustainable energy generation

Our projects generate clean solar energy from rooftop installations of solar panels. This not only generates income for you but also helps reduce the carbon footprint of our planet


Stable, asset-backed investments

You will be the owner of a physical solar panel which is installed on a rooftop


How it works?

Step 1

01.Sourcing solar projects

Vested identifies organizations such as corporates, schools or hospitals that want to install solar plants. We do lengthy due diligence on each project:

  • Sourcing-solar-one
    Each site is evaluated on 12+ technical parameters including sunlight exposure, available space for installation, shadow effect, and annual weather conditions
  • Sourcing-solar-two
    The power consumption of the end consumer is evaluated to ensure that the project is viable for both investors and the organization
  • Sourcing-solar-three
    Feasible projects are planned in detail and listed on Vested for investor consideration
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Step 2

02.Buying solar panels

Each solar project’s funding needs are determined by the number of panels required. The cost of a single panel listed on Vested typically includes:

  • Buying-solar-one
    The manufacturing cost of the panel
  • Buying-solar-two
    Upfront cost of installation of the solar panels and getting the project started

You can diversify into solar by buying one or multiple solar panels. The panels you purchase are leased back to Vested for installing and operating the solar plant.

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Step 3

03.Solar project installation

Post full funding, it takes up to 3 months to bring the project to life. Once operational, the organization starts receiving sustainable clean energy and investors start earning returns on their original investment.

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Step 4

04.Earn monthly income

Experience the benefits of your asset-backed investment with regular updates and attractive returns. We provide daily & monthly performance updates on the:

  • Solar-energy-generated
    Solar energy generated
  • CO2
    CO2 emissions saved
  • Income-earned
    Income earned
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Why invest with Vested?



Vested’s fractional solar ownership
platform is truly unique

Fully Digital

Fully Digital

Invest in a physical asset

fully digitally

Real time tracking

Real time tracking

Receive daily & monthly performance
updates on your solar panels

Low minimum investment

Low minimum investment

Buy solar panels starting from just

₹25,000 per panel

Diversify your
portfolio in 3 simple steps


Select a solar project to invest in

Go through the details of our solar offerings and decide on a project that works for you


Complete your KYC process

Breeze through our fully digital and secure KYC process


Invest with confidence

Invest in solar panels and watch your portfolio grow