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Vested's Podcast, Episode #26: Super Apps & Grab The Vested Finance Podcast

Vested's Podcast, Episode #26: Super Apps & Grab by Vested Finance Welcome to the Vested Finance podcast! In this session, we will be discussing what constitutes a super application or super app. These are the apps that strive to be the operating systems of our lives. We dive into super app operator Grab as well as its founding history and business model. Date uploaded: June 22th, 2021 (IST) Co-hosts: Darwin Arifin & Gabe Tamez Show Notes: (1:12) Examples of different apps that exist and their use cases (2:06) Criteria for being deemed a “super” app (4:00) Super app dominance in Asian countries (5:04) A brief history of Grab and its competitor Gojek (7:37) A dive into Grab’s financials and business operations (9:35) Notable trends in Grab’s business model. The importance of digital payments (11:40) A business overview of SouthEast Asia versus China (13:50) Comparing Uber and Grab’s average revenue per user Click here to access Vested’s blog post on super apps and Grab. Blog: Facebook: LinkedIn: Podcast: Website:
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