Welcome to a better and improved Vested!

by Viram Shah
November 30, 2023
3 min read
Welcome to a better and improved Vested!

At Vested, we are constantly looking to reinvent ourselves.

Four years ago, we saw an unsolved need among Indian investors for an easy way to diversify into US stocks and ETFs. We worked hard to create a localized global investing solution that had never been available in India. This led to more than 2.5 Lakh individuals opening brokerage accounts with Vested and trusting us with more than INR 1,800 crores in deposits.  

Today we are progressing to our next version, Vested 2.0, one in which we go beyond helping you diversify via one non-traditional asset, the US markets, to making diversification easy for you across multiple non-traditional assets.

Non-traditional assets or as they are also called, Alternative Assets, are the future. We believe that over the next decade, our investment portfolios will look very different from what they are today. They will possibly include not just fixed deposits, gold and Indian equities, but also global stocks, Bonds, Peer-to-Peer (P2P) lending, Music albums, Solar assets, Art, Startups and possibly more. We at Vested want to help you build a safe and diversified Alternative Assets portfolio.

As the first step towards becoming a holistic Alternative Assets platform, we will be launching three India-based Alternative assets: P2P Lending via Vested Edge, INR Bonds and Solar.

Vested Edge

P2P Lending has become increasingly popular in India since the RBI introduced regulations in 2017, with the overall market forecasted to grow to $10 billion by 2026. Vested Edge gives you the opportunity to easily add P2P Lending exposure to your portfolio and earn up to 11.5% in returns.

Vested Edge, unlike other platforms, helps you lower your risk by automatically distributing your investment across leading RBI-regulated P2P players that each have different borrower profiles. We have started with two partners, Faircent and Lendbox, and will add more over time. 


Our unique diversification mechanism for Vested Edge

If you want to understand in-depth about how the world of P2P lending works before you start, we have created a course for you that you can access in our newly launched Alternative Assets Academy.

INR Bonds

The next asset class we bring to you on Vested is INR (Indian) Bonds. Up until now, access to bonds in India was limited mostly to institutional investors, that is now changing.

To make your lives easier, we offer a curated and vetted list of corporate and government bonds. Because, it’s difficult to pick the right bond, right?

Invest in curated corporate bonds on Vested

All the corporate bonds on Vested are rated A & above. Government bonds on the other hand are the least risky type of bond, backed by the Indian government. By investing in INR bonds, you can look to make 9-12% of fixed income returns and the minimum investment is 1,000.


India is undergoing a once-in-a-lifetime energy transition from non-renewable to renewable and now with our Solar offering, we want to give you an opportunity to participate in this transition.

Earn income by owning solar panels in different projects

In the Vested Solar section you can purchase solar panels in a rooftop solar project sourced by Vested. Once purchased, these panels are leased back to us to install, operate and maintain. You, the solar panel owner, will earn a steady income stream from the electricity generated by their panels over their lifetime. 

While returns depend on the actual generation, typical solar projects on Vested can generate an IRR of 10-13% for the panel owners.  

All in all, we believe that a combination of Vested Edge, INR Bonds and Solar can be a solid way to add alternative income-generating assets to your portfolio. 

Last thing – we will continue to improve our existing US investing offering as well. Better fund transfer options and exciting new features are coming soon. Like always, we will relentlessly keep working towards helping you diversify with ease.

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