Vested’s Referral Program Just Got Even Better

by Akash Gupta
May 24, 2024
3 min read
Vested’s Referral Program Just Got Even Better

At Vested, we’re always looking for ways to enhance your investing experience and provide more value to our community. We’re thrilled to announce significant upgrades to our popular referral program. Our revamped program extends beyond US Stocks to include all the alternative assets – Solar, Edge, and INR Bonds. Plus, we’ve introduced a fantastic new feature—lifetime bonuses* on your friend’s investments!

What’s new?

Expanded investment options

Previously, our referral program was limited to investments in US Stocks, which provided excellent opportunities but limited scope. We listened to your feedback and are excited to expand the program to cover all the Indian investment options available on our platform as well. Whether your friends are interested in the US equity markets or earning fixed non-market linked returns from INR Bonds, Edge, and Solar, there’s something for everyone.

Lifetime bonuses* – More than just a one-time benefit

The most significant upgrade to our referral program is the introduction of lifetime bonuses. When you refer a friend to Vested, you’ll earn bonuses as long as your friend continues investing in Vested. This means the more your friends invest, the more you earn—creating a continuous benefit stream from simply sharing your love for Vested.

The win-win advantage

The upgraded referral program is designed to be a win-win for both you and your friends:

For you: Earn ongoing bonuses as your friends make investments.

For your friends: They get a one-time exclusive offer on their first deposit and access to a diverse portfolio of alternative investment options including US Stocks.

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Refer and Earn on Autopilot

Here are the different ways in which you and your friends can earn bonuses:

US Stocks (in $)

You earn

  • 0.15% of each deposit made by your friend through Vested partner banks
  • 15% of trade fees on each trade made by your friend

Your friends earn

  • $5 bonus on their first deposit of min $50 

Edge (In ₹)

You earn

  • 0.15% of every investment made by your friend

Your friends earn

  • Extra 0.5% p.a. instant cashback on their 1st Edge investment

INR Bonds (In ₹)

You earn

  • 0.15% of every investment made by your friend

Your friend earns

  • Up to 12% returns on curated corporate and government bonds

Solar (In ₹)

You earn

  • 1.5% of every panel purchased by your friend

Your friend earns

  • 10-13% returns from electricity their panels generate

How it works

Here’s a quick rundown of how you can benefit from our new and improved referral program:

1.  Invite your friends: Share your unique referral link with friends and family.

2. Your friends join: They sign up through your link and make their first deposit in US Stocks or investment in any Indian fixed-income opportunities.

3. Ongoing bonuses kick in: Each time your referred friend invests, you earn a percentage of their invested amount. The more they invest, the more you earn!

Who can participate

To be eligible to participate in the referral program, you must have completed the KYC for at least one of the alternatives offered by Vested (US Stocks, Edge, INR Bonds, or Solar). Please refer to our terms and conditions for complete eligibility rules.

When can you redeem your bonuses?

You can redeem your referral bonuses anytime by raising a redemption request on your referral dashboard. Redemption requests for USD can be made once you’ve completed KYC for US Stocks, while requests for INR can be made once you’ve completed KYC for Edge, INR Bonds, or Solar. Please note that redemption requests can only be made for a minimum of $15 or ₹1,000.

Getting started

Ready to start earning? Simply log in to your Vested account, navigate to the referral section, and begin sharing your unique referral link. It’s that simple!


With these new updates, we’re excited to see our investors grow their portfolios and earnings together. Invest, invite, and enjoy the journey with us—your diversification partner for life.

Thank you for being a valued part of the Vested family. Happy investing and referring!

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*The lifetime bonuses are limited to the duration the referral program is live. Vested reserves the right to pause or stop the program at any time. View our Terms and Conditions for more details.

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