Vested Shorts: Apple tops Microsoft, OpenAI’s lobbying efforts, Affirm rises 11%, Stellantis and Bitcoin miners adapt to global changes

Vested Shorts: Nvidia hits $3T, Ethereum eyes $154K, Trafigura’s profit dip 70%, Robinhood’s $200M acquisition

Vested Shorts: Saudi’s $400M AI investment, Costco’s membership surge to 74.5M, China’s chip autonomy, and Solana’s blockchain revolution

Vested Shorts: Silicon Valley backs xAI, Nvidia nears $3T market cap, China’s chip strategy, Ether ETF advances

Vested Shorts: OpenAI partners with Reddit, SoftBank’s $1.5B profit, Walmart’s 6% revenue growth, and BlackRock’s $16.7B Bitcoin ETF

Vested Shorts: BYD vs. Tesla, Robinhood’s regulatory challenges, Bitcoin mining adapts post-halving, earnings report of Disney and Reddit

Vested Shorts: Apple’s $90.75B quarter, US adds 175K jobs, Airbnb’s new feature, and Coinbase’s 72% revenue surge

Vested Shorts: Meta prioritizes AI expansion, Tesla’s pivot, Alphabet market cap tops $2T, and Stripe reintroduces crypto

Vested Shorts: Netflix’s 9.3M subscriber boost, Microsoft’s $1.5B UAE deal, Meta’s AI leap and Bitcoin miners’ big bet

Vested Shorts: Meta’s new AI model, Apple’s $14B India move, Tesla regains top spot, and $12B in Bitcoin ETFs

Vested Shorts: Tesla in India, Samsung’s profit surge, Google’s AI pivot, issues for Intel, and global expansion by Ant

Vested Shorts:Amazon’s $4B investment in Anthropic, Xiaomi rivals Tesla, AI meets Hollywood, and DoorDash drone delivery

Vested Shorts: Bitcoin at $150K, Tim Cook praises China, Microsoft acquires Inflection, and monopoly accusations on Apple

Vested Shorts: Telegram hits 900M users, TikTok earns $16B, UAE’s AI venture, and Honda-Nissan’s EV collaboration

Vested Shorts: Instagram vs. TikTok, OpenAI faces competition, China’s trade surge, and Reddit’s $6.5B IPO plan

Vested Shorts: $18B in Bitcoin across 11 ETFs, Disney’s India strategy, Figure AI’s $2.6B valuation, China’s PMI dip, and Apple’s pivot to AI

Vested Shorts: Nvidia’s shares soar 238% in a year, Coinbase posts quarterly profit, Bezos offloads $8.5B, and Reddit’s IPO

Vested Shorts: Bitcoin is above $50,000, Microsoft’s Xbox expansion, race to manufacture EV batteries, and Nvidia’s chip innovation

Google’s Gemini, OpenAI’s $2B revenue, Nvidia’s 500% return, and Super Bowl’s $650M ad frenzy

Vested Shorts: Meta’s $50B buyback, Apple’s growth, AWS is still growing in double digits, UMG vs TikTok showdown

Vested Shorts: US is the fastest-growing advanced economy, xAI is in talks to raise $6B and Lithium’s 80% price drop

Vested Shorts: EVs capture over 7% car market, TSMC’s 25% revenue growth, Cohere’s $1B AI funding, Samsung’s AI smartphones

Vested Shorts: Spot Bitcoin ETFs hit $4 billion, Netflix cuts 130 shows, Microsoft challenges Apple, Samsung’s 35% profit drop

Vested Shorts: Twitter’s 71.5% valuation drop, BYD overtakes Tesla, $67B VC funding dip, and $17B gas giants merger

Vested Shorts: Nasdaq’s 45% surge, $27 Billion investment in AI, JPMorgan’s dominance, and the rise of foldable smartphones

Vested Shorts: $45B China’s gaming industry, $20B Adobe-Figma deal collapse, VIX drops 32%, and Netflix faces competition

Vested Shorts: SpaceX valued at $175 billion, Google Pay launching BNPL, 200 nations commit to reducing fossil fuel reliance, and Vested Solar

Vested Shorts: New Alternative Assets on Vested, Bitcoin crosses $43,000, Google Gemini, Elon Musk and

Vested Shorts: $34B ad business, Luckin overtakes Starbucks, 75% decline in lithium price, and crisis at Binance

Vested Shorts: Amazon partners with Hyundai, Meta’s ad revolution, Google shares 36% of revenue, and Starlink IPO

Vested Shorts: GM’s $1.9 billion loss, record US oil production, NYT’s 10 million subscribers, and NFT trading plummets

Vested Shorts: Live concerts are relevant, HSBC’s gold tokenization, Affirm’s Amazon Deal, and Starbucks is expanding

Vested Shorts: Comcast and Snap beat expectations, X and Musk face challenges, air travel rebounds and Airbnb’s business

Vested Shorts: Microsoft vs. Nvidia, Anthropic, OpenAI’s $86 billion valuation, Bitcoin Spot ETF, and social media usage in Gen Z

Vested Shorts: Exxon’s $60 billion move, Adobe’s AI era, the future of Threads, China’s youth dilemma

Vested Shorts: Amazon vs. SpaceX, BYD’s rise, US dollar, and changing America’s food habits

Vested Shorts: Ads on Amazon Prime, Fitness industry, Crypto in the UK, and Hollywood’s AI stance

Vested Shorts: Fed stance, DeFi’s regulatory leap, Gen Z’s Aspirations, and India’s bond index milestone

Vested Shorts: US economy, debut of Enhanced Options Income ETF, and labor strikes at GM, Ford, Stellantis

Vested Shorts: China’s economic slowdown, Messi’s magic, $2 trillion of US deficit, and G20 in New Delhi

Vested Shorts: Yahoo! is back, gasoline demand in Europe, Apple’s record buyback, and X with more data

Vested Shorts: Business of luxury, Threads usage declining, and exceptional NVIDIA’s Q2 earnings

Vested Shorts: Nvidia chips are in demand, VinFast’s bumper Nasdaq listing, and S&P 500 quarter earnings

Vested Shorts: Riot Platforms ramps up Bitcoin mining

Vested Shorts: Tesla’s business, US rating downgrade, SuperApp X, Bitcoin ETF, and Amazon expands US delivery network

Vested Shorts: Distinguishing humans from AI, Airline industry’s Recovery, new update from TikTok, and stock market in 2023

Vested Shorts: Regulators crack down on tech monopolies

Vested Shorts: Crypto and Coinbase, Disney’s India plan, xAI, Mexico overtake China

Vested Shorts: Apple makes history, Threads by Meta, fine on Ant Group and Tencent, and US now supplying LNG 

Vested Shorts: Transformation of NYT, Spotify “Superpremium”, SoftBank on Metaverse, and new strategy of DoorDash

Vested Shorts: India’s Power Play- Modi’s US visit bolsters defense and economic ties

Vested Shorts: Reviving US heavy industry, The “Magnificent Seven”, Financial institutions adopting crypto and Housing market resilience

Vested Shorts: Generative AI, Microsoft’s bid for Activision blocked, and Toyota’s EV strategy

Vested Shorts : Tesla’s Supercharger Triumph

Vested Shorts: Vision Pro, SEC vs. Coinbase and Binance, Walmart’s new plan

Vested Shorts: NVIDIA’s impressive guidance, China-US trade tension, Google Ads and AI

Vested Shorts: Fed’s new payments system, SoftBank’s $32 billion loss, Target’s theft issues

Vested Shorts: Can commercial real estate hedge against inflation?

Vested Shorts: Regulating AI in Europe, Wall Street loosens ties with China, Paramount cuts its losses

Vested Shorts: Europe’s economic blockade, Wendy’s AI chatbot, and Microsoft joining AMD

Vested Shorts: What China Says and What China Does, Nintendo Switch console, and Q3 2023 results from Coinbase and Block

Vested Shorts: BYD’s rise in China, First Republic goes to JPMorgan Chase, and Apple’s health coaching service

Vested Shorts: Meta and Spotify’s Q1 2023 numbers, Netflix and Korean content, and the future of EVs

Vested Shorts: Amex’s future loan losses, Tether at an all-time high, Samsung’s future, and TikTok in Indonesia

Vested Shorts: ASML and Tesla’s Q1 numbers, Netflix discontinues DVD-by-mail service and the cannabis industry

Vested Shorts: a16z’s crypto report, Apple expanding its financial offering, and Project Magi

Vested Shorts: Metaverse real estate bubble, Tesla’s China plan, jolt to Russia, and Bitcoin’s rise

Vested Shorts: China’s real estate oversupply and Meta’s Segment Anything Model

Vested Shorts: Apple Music Classical, OPEC oil production, and decentralized exchanges

Vested Shorts: Jack Ma reappears, rally in tech stocks, Twitter’s monetization and Lululemon beat earnings

Vested Shorts: CFTC sues Binance, Hindenburg Research, avatars by Microsoft Teams and UberEats’s decision

Vested Shorts: Text-to-video model, restaurant subscriptions, and will Bitcoin reach $1 million?

Vested Shorts: Bank failures, GPT-4 goes beyond text, and Aramco’s record profit

Vested Shorts: Uber Freight, Bing’s rise, and Klarna’s $1 billion loss

Vested Shorts: iPhones over Android, Spotify is changing, and Pakistan’s funding woes

Vested Shorts: The Fed and rate hikes, AI reading minds, Silvergate’s bank run, and Rivian’s fall

Vested Shorts: Monster “Unleashed”

Vested Shorts: Lithium prices, Intel’s new dividend policy and VC fund for Sustainable Aviation Fuel

Vested Shorts: Spotify’s AI DJ, Wuling’s EV dominance, Rise of Temu, and Saudi Arabia’s investment in gaming

Vested Shorts: Airbnb’s profit, US employment, Meta Verified, new reward program by UnitedHealthcare

Vested Shorts: Live-stream shopping, inventory issues at Adidas and Tesla’s battery infrastructure

Vested Shorts: Are we in another AI bubble?

Vested Shorts: World’s reliance on China and China’s EV play

Vested Shorts: Google’s antitrust lawsuit, Facebook Gaming, Comcast’s theme park business, Genesis bankruptcy

Vested Shorts: Netflix earnings, new digital wallet in the US, and future of ChatGPT